Friday, June 09, 2006

General information:

This is info that I cut and pasted directly from emails with the folks who started the guest house. The internet was not working while I was there- but I believe someone in the main office was checking it- it took a few days for them to respond to me via email- but I did get a confirmation that way. You can always call- ask for Ray- if he is not there you can ask for "Al" or call Erimius on his cell. Ray will be there until June 26th and then heads back to the states until August.

The address is K. 15, W. 23, H. 1080. You need to write that on your entry form. Or you can just say you are going to stay at the Hilton Hotel. They don't have street names and numbers like the U.S. The telephone at the guest house is 0113712438. The country prefix is 251. Ermias Zenebe's mobile phone is 0911458639. We assume that someone from the orphanage will meet you at the airport. They know where the guesthouse is. Let us know if they won't.

Yes, there is room. It is $16 a night per person in the main house or
$13.00 per night in the smaller rooms behind the house. Breakfast is
available at $2.50 per person. Children 2-12 are half price and babies
are free.

Everything you need is there--bedding, towels, dishes, etc.

It is very safe- there is a day and night guard at the gate at all times. You can lock your door- though we never did because we were the only ones staying there besides Ray. They are very safety conscious and were careful with our belongings. I felt much safer here than I ever did in the hotels I have stayed at in other African countries.

Here is some contact info for people mentioned:
Missionary guest house:
(you don’t have to be Baptist, we aren’t, they just ask
that you are Christian), rate is $16 per person per
night, less for missionaries (I think $9 or $10 each) –
they did our laundry (we gave a donation for this), and
they will cook for you for little money. They have warm
water, though sometimes water is not available. You
share two bathrooms, the kitchen and living room with
other guests.
phone number from USA:
from Addis, drop the 011-251 and add 0
cell phones start with 911, home and office with 111

Also- there is a SIM guest house- but I have found that it is often booked very far in adavance because they have so many mission teams. The baptist house has only been around 9 months. One thing to know is that it may be sold this month and they may not be able to keep it- they are hoping that the person buying it will still rent it out to them- please ask about this when making reservations.

SIM missionary guest house (bigger, a bit more
011-251-11-515-0660 or 551-3726 ask for Maxine or

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sparkz said...

This place looks great! Thanks for the information! We probably won't be traveling until October or even later. We are waiting for our referral still... Do you think that they will still be renting it out this fall/winter?