Thursday, September 07, 2006

Directions to the Guest House:
A few weeks ago someone asked what you could ell a Cab driver to get them from the airport to the Guest house.  I asked the folks who started the guest house and this is what they said:

They need to tell the taxi driver to take them to the
residence of the Norwegian embassy which is in the area of Gabriel Church.
That is near the Old Airport.  It is also on the same road as the Korean
Embassy residence.  It is behind the pharmaceutical factory Epharm which is
on Boona Board road.  At the corner past Epharm (heading east) there are
signs which say Norwegian and Korean Embassy residencies.  Turn left there.
It is paved.  Go one block and the paved road makes a left turn and then a
right turn.  Go two more blocks and turn left on an unpaved road that says
"Silician Sisters".  It is the second house on the left.  Honk or bang on
the gate to get someone to open it.    It's a good idea to let them know
about what time to expect you.  It takes at least an hour after you arrive
at the airport.

As many of you know its not like cities here in the US where you can have an address and then people can figure out where that is- we got so we would get in a cab and tell them certain landmarks and then we knew how to get there.  There is also a "Taxi stand"  where you will see a bunch of Blue cabs on the main road right near the guest house and those cab drivers might also know where to go.  Its very very very close to the younger AHOPE orphanage (a stones throw) and that is the "old layla house" and its also close to the new Layla house and the CWA care center.  but not a short walking distance like it is for the younger AHOPE house- that you can walk easy in 5 minutes from the guest house.

I hope this helps!

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