Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Contact Information

I got this email on October 10, 2006 from Lauralee:

"Hi to you too!!! We just wanted to let you know that Yonas, the Development coordinator, is now handling guest house bookings as Ermias is often away. His email is (there is an underslash after dev) That will give two addresses for guest house contact. We leave early Friday and wish we could stay longer. All is well. Lauralee and Ray"

Lauralee and Ray helped to start this guest house and spend about half the year in the US and half the year in Ethiopia. They have been Missionaries there for a very long time and now they are in the US about 2 months and then return to Ethiopia for about 2 months- they do this on and off--this way they can keep up their work in Ethiopia by maintaining a source of income in the US. They have family in both places so this works well for them.

Here is the new email:

You can still always try Ermias- but since he travels so much- we hope that this will be a contact that is more available to families.

They said they have loved meeting all of the families that have come through and have so enjoyed the children.


5KidMom said...

Is this still the current contact information? My cousins are adopting 2 girls from Ethiopia through a brand new agency that does not have a Guest House yet. The Hilton is booked during their expected travel time (their Embassy date is 1/19/07), so they are looking for alternate acommadations. This looks like a great option. Please let me know how they can make their booking and arrangements to be picked up at the airport when they arrive.

Thank you!!

Renee Moak said...

I would like to say that we just LOOOOOVED our stay at the guesthouse! Kidist and Hannah are too wonderful for words! I ended up with the flu and Hannah took off to the nearest pharmacy on foot. They were always waiting with huge hugs for us when we would return at the end of the day.

Henok's mom.